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Aqua Om

/'ækwə ōm/

When we practice Aqua Om we are aligning Body•Mind•Spirit.

We are recognizing our connection to everything within the universe.

Our Yoga Philosophy

Get Out • Get Active • Get Fluid

We believe that Yoga is for everyone. We are committed to creating a welcoming and judgement free space where you have permission to honor your body and its limits. We focus on the mind, body, spirit connection during your practice and guide you through sequences that can be easily modified to accommodate all levels of practice.

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Owner & Director 

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down” Jigar Gor

Ever since I was a little girl I always loved to dance. At some point while training to become a ballerina, I realized the competition and damage I was doing to my body wasn’t for me. After taking some time off from professional dance, I eventually turned to Yoga. 

I will always love to dance but I think in some way, Yoga was always with me. A part waiting to be uncovered. The graceful movements of the body. The poses and contortions you can train your body to take the shape of; eyes over your shoulder, hips square, relax your shoulders. To obtain alignment in the body through poses and stretching matches so closely with my history of ballet.

My very first yoga class was a private session with my friend and Aqua Om co-founder, Melissa. After that, I started going to Yoga classes locally. I learned a huge lesson about Yoga pretty early on as a student. This one time during a full class I let my ego get a little too big while preforming a headstand. The keyword there was performing, not practicing. My pride soared as I was holding this awesome pose (everyone look at me, I used to be a dancer). The next moment I lost focus of my breath and came crashing down like a ton of bricks. On the way down I hit one of those super insulated, and so not quiet, aluminum Swell Bottle thermos creating an even bigger disruption. Lesson learned, thank you Yoga.

Because of that, I do not see yoga as having a goal, or an exercise to be the best at. I often hear people say that someone is “good at yoga” and that is confusing to me. Yoga is not performed, graded or scored, it is practiced. Once I started diving deeper into the philosophy of yoga, I couldn’t keep what I had learned to myself. I wanted to share it with every person I encountered.

I received a 250 hour CYT certification from YogaLife Institute in Wayne, PA. The YogaLife Institute is the North American Headquarters of The Yoga Institute of Mumbai, India, and was the first Yoga Center open to the general public in the world. I chose the YogaLife not only because of the Yoga lineage and philosophy, also due to the teacher training program exceeding the requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance. 

As an instructor and student, I like to say that your yoga practice should be non-violent. Yoga is NOT a “no pain, no gain” type of practice. In fact, I have discovered more benefit from poses when I back off and focus on what I am feeling with each asana and I encourage my students to do the same. One of my teachers would say “yoga should be 60% physical effort” and that sticks with me every practice. If you are straining, in pain, praying for the moment you can get out of the pose, then you’re missing the whole point of yoga. 

For me, the water always had such a healing aspect to it. Whether I’m in a lake or pool, or just near the water I feel calm, ease and at peace. The fluidity of water helps remind me to be flexible and nimble in my life, to be open to change and new circumstances. 

When I bought my first Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), I started looking on Instagram for any information I could find about it. I came across thousands of people practicing yoga on boards and had to try it for myself. I was hooked from the very first time. Combining SUP and Yoga takes your practice to a whole different level. Melissa and I saw how interested our friends were in trying SUP and SUP Yoga but there wasn’t a business locally that offered rentals. That’s how we got started and why Aqua Om is proud to be the first Stand Up Paddle Board business in Berks County.

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