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Yoga is for all, athletes included. Yoga works on flexibility, strength, core, agility, endurance, balance, and mindfulness around the sport. It reinforces the focus of enjoying the sport vs just the win of the game. Yoga balances out the muscles, reduces injuries and can help recover from injuries in a safe manner. 


Adding Yoga into sport’s training regiment will help with:

  • FLEXIBILITY: Practicing Yoga increases flexibility, and ease of movement, increasing range of motion. Flexibility also reduces injuries. 

  • STRENGTH: Constantly holding up your body weight will build your strength that no amount of weight lifting can provide. 

  • CORE: Almost every pose in Yoga works and builds core strength. A strong core equates to a healthy back and body. 

  • ENDURANCE: Breath awareness is essential to a Yoga practice. When we breathe properly inhalations are lengthened and lung capacity is increased. This, in turn, delivers more oxygen to the body and helps overall performance and efficiency. 

  • BALANCE: Balancing poses improve overall balance and stability throughout the entire body which prevents injuries and falls. 


Team packages are available for 4-8 week programs. You can come to one of the many facilities we partner with in Berks County or we can travel to your location of choice.  

Call or email us to schedule


Why choose private instruction?

Whether you want to start a practice and feel nervous about joining a big class or are looking for a more personalized approach, there are numerous benefits to taking a private Yoga class.

  • Learn the best alignment for your body with each pose

  • Share health history and past injuries in a private setting

  • Made to order class that serves your personal needs

Call or email us to schedule


Looking for something different to do for an upcoming celebration? Or maybe you want to grab a group of friends and have a private class customized just for you. We can accommodate groups of eight or more in our private party room, pool and whirlpool. This is perfect for birthday and bachelorette parties, wedding showers and team building events.

Call or email us to schedule

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